About Us

The Academy of Music is one of the only professional schools of music in Mumbai, providing its students with a comprehensive musical experience. Since our inception in 1990, we have lived up to our motto of “gift your child a talent” and gifted a talent to over 25,000 students.

We endeavour to provide a holistic, wholesome musical experience in instruments ranging from the electronic keyboard to the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano and even western vocals. Our classes are conducted digitally as well as physically – at the student’s home and even at our school to suit your convenience!

Our aim is to bring on a sense of deep and committed involvement in the art of music and enjoy the joy and exhilaration that comes with it. For this, we provide the best musical guidance to help students explore and realise their full potential, fostering their growth as sensitive, responsible, thinking people.

We not only teach students how to read and write music, which helps them boost their brain power and improve their memory but also train them for the internationally acclaimed Trinity Guildhall examinations (London), where they receive international certification for the same.

Budding musicians are also given a platform to showcase their musical talent by performing for our quarterly in- house competition – “Star Quest” and our music talent show – “sforzando”

We also excel in teaching music to adults as a stress buster and as a therapy to improve health outcomes ranging from blood pressure problems to depression.
And also have on staff teachers who are trained in teaching children with autism.

We invite you to begin your musical journey with us and look forward to seeing you.