Student Testimonials

Hansa Sangvi (60) Grade 5
“The teachers are very knowledgeable and they love to teach. My teacher discusses many different styles of music. They don’t force teach but know how to let talent shine through you.”

Jessy Rodrigues (65) Grade 7
“After retirement, I often felt bored and sad. My children coaxed me to do something recreational like learning the keyboard. I joined The Academy of Music and I loved the way they taught me. Now, I’m in Grade 7. Most importantly, I am quite happy for most times and can sleep well unlike earlier.”

Sabyasachi Ghosh (30) Grade 2
“I have been to a couple of classes before and can vouch that the teachers here can teach absolutely anyone. They adopt a simplistic style and easily adapt their teaching as per the student’s ability to grasp. Here, I get a holistic musical education. I have developed better confidence after having come to learn music here.”

Jane Reveredo, Mother of Lymeraiana (Grade 8)
“My daughter is now in Grade 6 and plays for the Church and community functions. I make sure she practices everyday – that’s a must. She plays quite confidently now. I would personally like her to take this education to the highest degree. ”

Santana Ferrao, Mother of Jellisha (Grade 2)
“My elder daughter has learnt from the Academy of Music, and watching her play I knew this place was right for my second child too. Now both my children learn here and concentrate on their studies much better. Besides, music gives them a parallel education which will definitely benefit them. Tomorrow, if they would choose music as a career I would be more than happy.”

Music as a therapy! Rahul D'Mello and his mother in conversation about music and autism.

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