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The Academy of Music prides itself on its carefully chosen faculty, the enthusiasm and skill of our teachers, the joy and natural progress of all our talented students, and much more. Our aim is to bring a sense of deep commitment to the art of music and, to enjoy the elation and delight that comes with it.

For this, we provide the best musical guidance to help students explore and realize their full potential, fostering their growth as confident individuals. Our distinguished teaching faculty attempts to create an environment, where this can be made possible.

In pursuit of this goal, The Academy of Music spares no opportunity to learn, reevaluate and modify our techniques as teachers and administrators, striving always to build a school where artistic expression is revered and excellence is achievable.

The students presently enrolled in The Academy of Music, range from young children to adults, and represent a wonderfully, diverse array of backgrounds and cultures. With more than 500 students on record, each student is always treated with respect and care, by a professionally trained artist.
We invite you to begin your musical journey with us and look forward to you being a part of our musical family.

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